Scuola Vita Nuova

SchoolSmartKC is excited to announce its support of the expansion of Scuola Vita Nuova (SVN) in Northeast Kansas City.  Through this commitment of $621,000 it is anticipated that SVN will double its enrollment, providing 207 additional students a quality education. 

Current SVN principal Nicole Goodman arrived at the school in July 2010.Under her leadership, the school has become a pillar of the Northeast community and a school with improving academic performance.  In particular, while confronting a student ELL rate of 71.8% and a poverty rate of 96% as measured by the free/reduced lunch program , student achievement increased proficiency from 32% to 51.2% in English Language Arts, and 23% to 46.1% in Mathematics over a five-year period (2010-2015).

Today, SVN serves 207 students in grades K-8, almost all of which live within a 2 mile radius of the school located at Independence Ave. and Garfield, in Pendleton Heights. The school has a 92% student retention rate, APR score of 85%, average daily attendance of 95.8%, and 100% face-to-face parent/teacher conferences since 2010.